Sources and Archives in Screen Sound Studies, June 1 & 2 2017, University of Huddersfield,  Playing to picture: sources in improvised piano scores for silent film.

British Silent Film Festival Symposium 2017, September 13 2017, De Montfort/Leicester Phoenix, Improvisation in silent-era keyboard accompaniments.

BFE/RMA Research Students Conference January 2018, University of Huddersfield. A masterclass in improvising to silent film.

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, University of Bristol, 13-15 September 2018, The improvisational practices of early twentieth-century silent film piano accompanists.

Rethinking the Attractions - Narrative Dialectic; New Approaches to Early Cinema, 9-10 November 2018, University of Ghent, Sound, silence and the dreamlike in early cinema - a musician’s perspective.